The two M’s

The two Ms are us: Marie-Pierre and Mélanie, partners for 15 years now. We first met in a café in the Villeray district, and felt we already knew one another – our personalities clicked instantly … not really, no. The bistro on Rue de Castelnau – that’s true, but as for the rest, without putting anything down on paper, we made a commitment to each other to work passionately to achieve what we wanted, and above all, to decide together what, for us, a talent-booking agency should be, with the right doses of honesty, loyalty, solidarity and happiness, but also – and frequently – humility and hope.

Now we’ve made it; each of us has our place, our role, fully acknowledging our limitations but always striving to innovate, and, in the end, united in a spirit of close collaboration and boundless solidarity. We’re very proud to introduce Agence M and its team.

@Annie Diotte

Mélanie Belzile

Talent agent

Contract negotiation & project management @

« A woman of great insight, drive and wisdom, Mélanie seems to impact the trajectory of every person who approaches her.

She taught me to observe, put things into perspective and, most importantly, never look back.

She pointed me to the right door and, without fail, held it open for me.

She’ll always be there for me.

Her passion: raw talent. »

*- Written by Mp

@Annie Diotte

Marie-Pierre Tremblay

Development Agent

Career development, lead coordinator & project receiving @

« A fount of efficiency and generosity, as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, Marie-Pierre is a unique woman with a heart of gold.

She taught me to love more and to love uncompromisingly.

She’s witty, open-minded and utterly fearless … and she showed me how to never lose courage when the going gets tough.

She’ll always be there for me.

Her passion: people. »

- Written by Mel

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